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Whether you are a beginner or a tycoon, using Bulk SMS to enhance your advertising and marketing campaigns is one of the cleverest decisions you would ever make. Let Royal Marketing do all the basics and complexities of the job!

With the ever rising competition in the world of business, it is more vital now to have prepared marketing strategies, which provide a competitive advantage. Mobile SMS continues earning huge popularity each passing day. Telecommunication companies encourage the industries to use SMS especially for their promotions, as it gives successful results. Aside from personal usage, new corporate and firm sectors also benefit by this service to supply their different publicity needs. Hiring a robust mass SMS system and outsourcing your services play a pivotal role to help boost your business.
Due to the reliability and effectiveness of the features, a large number of businesses all over India are starting to use our services as their efficient marketing and advertising tool. There are some advantages of utilizing our Short Message Service (SMS), particularly when promoting your services and/or products. Communication of details over SMS is more direct and discreet, which makes it the ideal option to convey message customarily. One best thing about it is that, the receiver is not needed to be active simultaneously when the message is sent. Every time the user turns on his or her phone, the message will be received.

Others include:

SMS don’t irritate your potential clients

The customer definitely has the cause to get annoyed when receiving messages while driving through heavy traffic or inside the office. Our Bulk SMS has this special feature of not disturbing the clients, since it delivers the particular message silently while the clients continue to become busy with their schedule. Therefore, you can get through the message at your convenience; can be anticipated to consume time understanding the item for consumption under promotion.

Quicker and economical

With minimum cost and shortest time possible, you can be able to deliver your messages to millions of people across the world. So, you don’t need to hire a professional or use an expensive social media platform to promote the service or products you offer.


Unlike email, our Bulk SMS service is definitely free of spam. At times, your message might land up in junk email and keep unread when promoting your service or product using the email. When you depend on our service, you are guaranteed that your message will be successfully sent and read.
Our Bulk SMS has multiple functionality. Each of them is very crucial to the success of your company. Aside from being a branding, marketing, and advertising tool for creating awareness and attracting new clients, it is also great as a mobilizing tool for campaigns and events. If you want to add value to the existing services of your company, SMS can be used as a data or content delivery tool.
Many startups and professional entrepreneurs have already benefited from our Bulk SMS Services. If you are really after efficient business operation, trusting our professional work is the best thing you can do!

"The uses rate of cell phones is twice than that of the internet, 3 times than the social medias, and TEN times faster than Computers. If you aren't using mobile sms marketing to get new customers to your business, don’t be worried, your competitors in the market are already using it & are getting 1000's of customers instead."
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